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Long Tailed Macaque (Macaca Fascicularis)

DIET: Fruits, seeds, leaves, small mammals and birds, shellfish and crab REGION: Indochina, Southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra, Java, Borneo, the Philippines and Singapore TYPE: Mammal SIZE: 15.75 – 18.50 inches (40 – 46.99 cm) WEIGHT: Males: 11-20 lbs (4.99 – 9.07 kg), Females 7-13 lbs (3.18 – 5.89 kg) HABITAT: Primary and secondary forest, mangroves, plantations and the outskirts of towns and villages LIFESPAN: 30 years in the wild. Up to 39 years in captivity

Males have mustaches and cheek whiskers that frame their faces while females have beards as well as cheek whiskers. Both males and females have white coloration on the eyelids near the nose. The defining characteristic, for which they are named, is their extraordinarily long tail that is almost always longer than their height from head to rump, and ranges in length between 400 and 655 mm (1.31 ft and 2.15 ft).

Macaques live in social groups that contain 3-20 females plus their offspring and one or more males. They have a very intricate social structure and hierarchy. If a Macaque of a lower level in the social chain has eaten berries and none are left for a higher-level macaque, then the one higher in status can, within this social organization, remove the berries from the other monkey’s mouth.