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Jungle Queen Cruising Since 1935

Be a Part of History

Jungle Queen Riverboat has been sailing the waterways of Fort Lauderdale since 1935, that is over 80 years of expertise! The experience really shines when it comes to treating guests, navigating the sometimes tight river ways, and providing an entertaining atmosphere. Besides all of the history, we also have one of the best looking tour boats on the water.

See Millionaire’s Row

The main section of the tour, near the New River, is home to some of the most amazing and expensive homes in Florida. These homes are reserved for the ultra rich; rightfully so, it should be called billionaire’s row. From television producer Michael Mann, who created the hit show Miami Vice, to the heir of Kohl’s department stores, some of the most wealthy individuals in the world have showcase homes here. Not to mention, yachts from Steven Spielberg and the like are also viewable.

You may not recognize the names of some of these rich and powerful people, such as Wayne Huizenga, who co-founded companies including Blockbuster, Auto Nation, and Waste Management, but their massive multi-million compounds are worthy of admiration and plenty of photos during your Jungle Queen Riverboat Cruise

Expert Guides

With decades of experience sailing up and down the Intercoastal Waterway, our expert guides will certainly make your trip informative and memorable. The guides are knowledgeable and quick as they give you details about the surrounding homes, boats, and other noteworthy landmarks, adding in a bit of humor along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. Why risk taking a tour of this “Venice of America” that “might” have a knowledgeable guide onboard?

You Can Sip and Sail

You are on vacation after all! Our fully equipped river boat comes stocked with an onboard bar. Along with seeing some amazing sights, you can sip on beer, wine, or even a mixed drink from the comfort of the boat. There is also bottled water, soda, and energy drinks available. All drinks are additional costs but are reasonably priced. Exploring the Ft. Lauderdale waterways is bound to make you thirsty. Luckily, you can quench that thirsty in style when you take a Jungle Queen Riverboat cruise.


  • 1914…. Fort Lauderdale incorporated.
  • 1928…. Fort Lauderdale airport starts service
  • 1935… Captain Al Starts moves to Fort Lauderdale in 1935, bringing with him a Jacksonville -built ship he called the Jungle Queen. It was a 60-foot craft that carried 50 passengers. At the same time, he purchased land on the New River and created an Indian Trading Post for his boat to visit. This Village still stands today on the South Fork of the New River west of I-95.

    Captain Al Starts started the village as a Seminole Indian Trading Post, where the Seminoles sold their handmade Indian crafts to the tourists. For entertainment, the Seminoles wrestled alligators, a skill developed from those Seminoles living near the everglades.

    As the Jungle Queen Seminole Village became one of South Florida’s most popular and longest-running pre- Disney attractions, it gave the Seminoles a legacy that promoted alligator wrestling, an appreciation of Indian arts and crafts, and provided them with significant support.
  • 1935-1949… The Jungle Queen operates from the west side of the Las Olas Bridge, at the corner of Las Olas Blvd and Poinciana (S.E. 26 Avenue), until Bahia Mar Yachting Center is built in 1949.
  • 1939… The Barbeque Dinner and Show on the island are added. As the pictures show, people enjoyed the dinner outside on picnic tables until a wooden pavilion is built, around the mid 40’s.
  • 1945-1946… The wooden restaurant pavilion is built which still stands today.
  • 1947……. Jungle Queen 1 is converted to a double decker passenger vessel bringing capacity to 115
  • 1949… Jungle Queen Moves to the just completed Bahia Mar Yachting Center, and becomes the first commercial tenant at the yachting center.
  • 1949…. Jungle Queen 11 is commissioned to be built for a capacity of 250 passengers. It was built on the New River in what is now downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It is pictured in backdrop on hoists and in water after completion.
  • 1954……Jungle Queen 111 is commissioned to be built in Tampa, Florida with a capacity of 175 passengers
  • 1958…Ownership Changes: Comedian Earl Faber and his wife Catherine, a Ziegfeld Follies Girl from the famous Musical Broadway Revue of the 20’-30’s, and both of them Vaudeville headliners in New York City in the 20’s and 30’s, retires to Ft. Lauderdale in 1956 on their yacht “Laff A Lot”. While living on his boat at Bahia Mar Yacht Center, he becomes good friends with Captain Al Starts, founder of the Jungle Queen. During this time Earl Faber negotiates the purchases of the Jungle Queen in December 1958. Earl Faber’s passion for comedy and Vaudeville puts him back on stage at the Jungle Queen.
  • 1959… Miss America (Mary Ann Mobley) visits the Jungle Queen after winning the 1959 crown.
  • 1964-2014… Son, Jerome C. Faber, takes over operations and continues to run the family business for the next 50 years.
  • 1971… Jungle Queen 1V is commissioned for construction with a capacity of 532 passengers with Halter Marine in New Orleans.
  • 2014-Current… Third Generation takes the helm.

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